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Responsible business partner in the global hardwood business

We strive to conduct socially responsible, ethical and sustainable behavior in all our processes – at home and abroad. We commit to preserve and protect the hardwood forests for future generations that depend upon nature’s resources. We care for the safety and well-being of our employees and the local communities we work with worldwide.

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A forest that pays is a forest that stays

When sustainable managed, all types of forests are renewable ecosystems providing essential goods and services to people worldwide. Working closely with sawmills around the world, we help grow the forestry sector and sustain rural communities. By paying a fair, competitive price for primary producers’ products, we provide them with an incentive for keeping the forest standing. Despite the general negative belief, logging respecting the sustainable management principles secures large forest areas remain standing in the long term and avoids deforestation.

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Responsible Sourcing

As an actor in global timber trade, we share the opinion that the general perception of tropical timber is a major challenge for the entire sector. We want to support honest and smaller producers to continue doing business and create positive change in their countries. We want to raise the bar of procurement in order to eliminate illegally logged timber from the market. We support legislations and certifications for sustainable forestry and make sure that sourcing is in accordance with the highest international standards and local rules.

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A progressive working culture

Given our continuous growth since the company embarked on its journey in 2006, we are increasingly becoming more internationally focused. Being a trader specialized in hardwood, the knowledge and expertise of our people are very important. Our employees are the key to our success, as they are the ones who will help us act accordingly to our vision and help us stay competitive.

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