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Global Timber’s partners are responsible for their own respective business areas, based on many years of experience in national and international trade in sustainable hardwood. All of the partners have extensive experience, a shared vision for Global Timber and are passionate about hardwood.

Kasper Fredsted
Creative Director

Kasper Fredsted is the Creative Director of Global Timber, and his work focuses on business development, strategy, sales, purchasing and contracts.

As with the other Global Timber partners, Kasper has a comprehensive educational background in the industry, is extremely professional, and stays constantly focused on quality in all of his business activities. Kasper’s long career in the industry is built on in-depth knowledge of wood and great skill in dealing with suppliers and customers.

These are crucial qualities, especially as his area of responsibility covers the trade in teak. Kasper’s passion for design is brought to bear on teak, especially since luxurious teak is often sold for use in motorboats, sailing boats and yachts. Kasper’s drive, creativity and energy are also the reason why he established the company Fredsted Floors, which is also located in the new headquarter in Aarhus.

Anders Bitzer
Managing Director

Anders Bitzer is the Managing Director of Global Timber and has many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the timber industry. Anders’ key area of responsibility is procurement, primarily in Africa and Europe, but he also trades with suppliers in America and South America.

His interest in sales was awoken when he travelled abroad to acquire professional, specialist knowledge. Anders understands the importance of choosing the right words in order to avoid complications and barriers when trading in a foreign country.

He has lived in Hungary and in the Congo in order to learn about wood. Anders still travels to Africa to maintain existing relationships with suppliers and to form relationships with new potential suppliers.

Søren Vinther
Sales Director Scandinavia

Søren Vinther is the Sales Director at Global Timber and is responsible for sales in Scandinavia. Søren’s primary responsibility is Global Timber’s nearby markets and for sales to timber merchants and wholesalers in Denmark.

Despite his job title, Søren has comprehensive experience in purchasing in the market in South America, where he over a long period of time developed close business relationships and established unique relations with several of Global Timber’s major suppliers.

Before Søren became a partner in Global Timber in 2012, he developed his professional expertise in other timber businesses. He worked at Grønning Hårdttræ for five years. His professional experience includes markets in the USA, Canada and Brazil.

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The Global Timber team members in Denmark and abroad consists of wood-lovers and experts in wood, and we are all committed to locate and select the best quality hardwood around the world.

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