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Our product portfolio comprises a wide range of hardwood species of high quality for different solutions in the hardwood industry and we operate worldwide. We source in a sustainable manner and we constantly travel the world to ensure that our suppliers manages the forests and does business accordingly to the legislation and certifications acquired.

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The foundation of our core business is our extensive Europe stock.
Doing business with us guarantees our customers a very short time
of delivery. Our service is fast and convenient, our service policy is
our customer’s insurance, the quality of our products is indisputable,
and our advices are based on the highest European standards. We are
a trusted partner in the hardwood trading business.

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With Asia being one of our most important regional markets, we have
established a subsidiary sales company located in Kuala Lumpur.
Our company has roots in a history that goes back to the 1970s
and we base our trading in Asia on respectful relations. Add to this
our capability of setting the right prices for the required quality
we are the preferred partner of both customers and suppliers.

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Being a leading player in the worldwide cross-border hardwood trading
market we strive to be the preferred partner to both our customers and
our suppliers. The Global Timber team comprise excellent professionals
and outstanding logisticians. We know how to source the right product for
the customer. We inspect loads before shipment, we have trusted partners
worldwide and our sourcing network benefits our customers in all our