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Working at Global Timber means working in an international and committed environment.
Our culture encourages participation and opportunity to express oneself,
make a difference and have influence.

Join the team of people with passion, personal motivation and drive, talent for trade,
a multicultural sense and knowledge of wood with the world as your working place.


“We embrace diversity in our workforce: our employees range from the age of 21 to 75 and several
nationalities. We are fortunate to have a lot of talents covering all aspects of our business.”
Anders Bitzer, CEO


Frank Warming is the team leader in our warehouse. His role is to manage day-to-day orders and delegate tasks to the warehouse team. He has been working at Global Timber since August 2016.

From wood “virgin” to warehouse lead
Before Global Timber, I had no background or knowledge within the wood industry. I had to learn all the different species of wood and at the same time get familiar with my new role leading a team. From the beginning, I felt comfortable with the responsibility and with a strong dialogue and trust from the management team I was off to a good start.

A varied workday
The best part of my job is that no two days are alike. I love the feeling of clocking in at work and have to plan the day. My job requires loads of logistic, coordination and optimization which is highly motivating for a planner like me. The most important thing is yet the social cohesion and team spirit – not only in the warehouse but through the entire company. We have an incredible working environment with numerous social events and a great sense of fellowship where each and every one is a valuable and vital part of the big company machinery.

Commitment and companionship
At the warehouse, I do my best to distribute the tasks in a reasonable way, so no one gets the “heavy” or “easy” job two times in a row. Our warehouse is all about equality and familiarity. All employees are included in the daily tasks and decisions in order to create a feeling of commitment and companionship – and to make sure that our actions are coordinated and efficient which is crucial in an international company, supplying the global market.


Since 2013 Trinh H. Hansen has been a familiar face in our Asian team.
Trinh holds a master’s degree in technology-based business development
from the University of Aarhus. Before this, she became a chemical
engineer at the Ho Chin Minh University of Technology.

Trinh develop a broad knowledge to the woodworking industry,
while starting her career as developing wooden coatings to the
furniture industry. As a result of her thorough knowledge to
wooden furniture manufactures and large network in Vietnam
she won her entrance into the Global Timber team.

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