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We are a committed
and responsible
business partner

Being a modern and global company and a responsible business partner in the global hardwood business, we strive to conduct socially responsible, ethical and sustainable behaviour in all our processes – at home and abroad. We commit to preserve and protect the hardwood forests for future generations that depend upon nature’s resources. We care for the safety and well-being of our employees and the local communities we work with worldwide.

Read more about our sustainable approach here.


Legality and innovation

We support legislations and certifications for sustainable forestry
and make sure that sourcing is in accordance with the highest
international standards and local rules and laws in our partner countries.
Global Timber only purchase from approved suppliers complying with
EU Legal Requirements (European Timber Regulation, EUTR).

We want to raise the bar of procurement in order to eliminate illegally
logged timber supply from the market and ensure that only legal and
sustainable tropical hardwood is obtained. Global Timber indorse
innovation; therefore, we aim to promote and introduce lesser known
wood species including plantation wood in our product portfolio.

One of our core values is to motivate local suppliers to support us in this
matter. To emphasise our commitment to responsible corporate behaviour,
Global Timber joins the leading Timber Federations and is now an official
partner of the tropical rainforest.

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