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Our primary role is to be an inspiring and innovative link between your purchase, the forest and the sawmills around the world. Chosing us, as your partner, we guarentee you an optimization of your purchases, a competitive price, delivery reliability and agreed quality. Our team of competent and dedicated employees is always ready to give you the best guidance and best customer experience.


Global Timber is the largest stockist of hard wood in Northern Europe. Our wide and deep range of quality hard wood has carefully been selected from sawmills around the world. From our warehouse in Aarhus, Denmark, we serve the wood-consuming industry in Scandinavia and large parts of Europe. Our warehouse contains more than 40 different species from 35 countries and 6 continents. Our assortment is highly adaptable to our customers’ needs and will be expanded accordingly.
Global Timber stands for year long personal and trust-based relationships with our suppliers worldwide. Our core values are defined as quality, service, environment and honesty. The broad product accessibility from our warehouse, guarantees our customers quality products to competitive prices, timely delivered. In our domestic market, we always seek new opportunities in order to assist you with your request. No request or order will be to large or small for us to handle.

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Global Timbers unique level of service and ability to deliver, means time delivery in the agreed quality. Choosing us as your hard wood supplier you will be ensured efficient delivery within 2-3 days in all of Denmark. Furthermore, we ensure short-term delivery in all the European market. Our delivery reliability is one of our strengths and the foundation for our business to existest.

Global Timber always pursue to provide requested products in the required quality. In addition to our well-stocked warehouse, with the most popular species and dimensions, we are experts in logistics. Our purchasing team are specialists with experience and thorough knowledge to the industry. Our solidly anchored supply chain means that our capacity at the warehouse always is stable and at the highest level. This creates the foundation towards our delivery reliability.

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Global Timber gladly makes an offer. By accept, you will receive your order within 2-3 working days, if the requested wood will be in stock. We deliver the agreed quality, at the right time.

Professional Guidance

At Global Timber we are hard wood experts and specialists. We can provide you with the best assistance and guidance matching your needs. Our crediability is our fundament build upon year long knowledege about hard wood and the hard wood industry. In addition being proud of our product and its high quality, we take pride in being able to provide the right professional guidance.
Are you a furniture manufacturer, window manufacturer, contractor, architect, employed in a construction market, building yachts or looking for decking – whatever your purpose may be, our team are ready to assist you with professional guidance about the nature of the wood, qualities and possible applications. Along with quality and price awareness, professional guidance is central to our business’s overall affairs.

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Global Timber’s quality awareness and understanding of customers’ needs has ensured the company success and a solid market position since its founding. Quality permeates our behavior in all processes from purchasing, through our sales team to interaction with our customers. We heart wood! We are specialist within the hard wood industry. We always select the wood ourselves, to guarantee you the best possible quality. Global Timber frequently visits our main(?) suppliers worldwide, in order to maintain the increasing demands and high standards that both we and our customers expect.

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Global Timber operates on the global market. We are the largest stockiest of hard wood in Scandinavian and we trade wood throughout the most part of the globe. We have a sales office in Asia, international Global Timber agents and corporations with selected and leading saw mills worldwide. Half of our activities are global and currently international sales constitute approx. 60% of our total turnover. As a player in the international wood industry, Global Timber is at the forefront of contributing to the preservation of our global forests through sustainable behavior, environmental certifications and compliance with various important environmental certifications.
We are represented in Africa, America, Asia and Europe and we are specialist in logistics on all continents, we act professionally, sustainably and take social responsibility in all whereabouts. Global Timber continuously strives to maintain our reputation as a highly respected and trustworthy partner for both our suppliers and our customers worldwide.

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