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At Global Timber we work with the most sustainable raw material available – wood! Plant it, it grows. Cut it down, and it can be used and reused, both for inside and outside in different installations. Wood makes a positive difference, as it both absorbs CO2 during growth and stores it when used in constructions.


As a leading trading company in the global hardwood market, it is our responsibility to sustain our trees and the growth of our forests.

From a global perspective, we have a strong focus on how we collaboratively can create a positive change in the forests. Global Timbers work in securing forests and keeping our natural resources intact, is something that is deeply implanted in our behavior, reflecting our company’s DNA.

With a strong consumer focus on sustainability and the climate in recent years, market demands meet our goal of selling a larger volume and more certified products in the coming years. In 2019 alone, half of our total sales were certified wood.


As a symbol of supporting FSC and other organizations working to promote sustainable forests, in connection with FSC Week 2020, we planted a tree at the entrance to our headquarters. A hardwood tree, of course. The Oak tree was a gift by the Danish Timber Federation, from our Grand Opening of our new Headquarter.

The FSC Week has come to an end, but Global Timber’s work continues. Petra Postolache, our CSR & Compliance manager describes the responsibility and important initiatives that makes Global Timber support initiatives, like FSC Week: “FSC-certified wood is a guarantee that no more trees are to be felled than the forest can recover. That animals and plant life are protected and that the workers in the forests are guaranteed education, safety equipment and a decent salary

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