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Global Timber
builds new
head quarter

The new joint headquarter of Global Timber and Fredsted Floors has begun. The new administration building contains 1470 square meters – spread out on 1109 square meters of new built and 381 square meters of renovated construction including office, joint facilities and showroom.

The companies are placed in two separated buildings but are met in a displaced cross as an intersection point whereas the joint facilities are placed in the middle as a shared space.
Each building is getting its own expression on the facades. While Global Timber is covered in wood from own import, Fredsted Floors is an open and transparent space with a showroom.

Creating synergies
The CEO of Global Timber, Peter Baek, is looking forward to gathering the companies into one unit for creating the synergies that comes with it.

– For the first time we have the warehouse, sales and administration on the same address. It is something that we have strived for in a long time and we are looking forward to gathering people under the same roof, supporting each other in all functions.

Furthermore, the location is close to the highway and Aarhus Harbor – perfect for us since it is easier to create events for the customers and as an example show and demonstrate new and incoming products, says Peter Baek.

At the same time, he sees the new headquarter as a natural step for Global Timber who has experienced strong growth in the last couple of years.
– With this buy and build, we are ready for the next coming years and the possible growth that comes with it. Among other things, we are currently expanding our product range and are focusing on new markets, says Peter Baek

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